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We always work on a fixed-fee basis, helping you to budget for design costs from day one.

How our fees are calculated

How our fees are calculated

Our fees are calculated based on a combination of two factors; the number and type of services you require and the complexity of the proposed works.

We always work on a fixed-fee basis, meaning we charge an agreed sum for an agreed set of services. If you wish to add extras part way through your project, we will agree a further fixed sum for those additional services. 

Why fixed-fees?

Why we prefer fixed-fees

We prefer to work on a fixed-fee basis because we believe it's the fairest and most suitable pricing structure for residential clients, particularly for those on a strict budget.

Unlike a percentage based fee (which is typically calculated as a percentage of your build cost), a fixed-fee provides you with a higher level of predictability and ensures that you're provided with genuinely impartial advice - there's no incentive for us to encourage you to spend more on your build than you had originally intended.

Request a quote

To get a quote for your project, simply get in touch to arrange your free consultation.

Once we've had a chat, we'll provide you with a design brief, our fee breakdown and details of relevant third party costs, such as planning permission application fees and structural engineers fees.

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