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We're a dynamic and down-to-earth team of two, bringing renovation ideas to life from our humble home office in Hitchin, Hertfordshire.

Our team

Our team

Abdul Haque.png
Abs Haque

Architectural designer

Abs is a real people person and serves as the single point of contact for all our clients. Having spent over a decade in architectural, structural and civil consultancy, he’s an experienced and talented designer who brings a wealth of knowledge and ideas to each and every one of our projects.

Talia Dixon.png
Talia Dixon

Office manager

Talia is the quieter member of our team responsible for all things behind the scenes. With a rather varied career history in everything from financial services to animal rescue, she's an intelligent and adaptable jack-of-all-trades who can turn her hand to almost anything.

Our story

Our story

Abs was a freelance architectural technician for many years, with much of his work coming from large architectural firms looking to outsource their technical drawing services. Many of the projects were big-budget, bold and honestly, a little pretentious at times. But sprinkled among the extravagant were the more modest projects, for clients that wanted to make elegant home improvements using practical, proven design.


Despite huge differences in design complexity, the projects all had one thing in common – extortionate design fees.


And that got us thinking, is it worth sacrificing such a large chunk of our budget on tried and tested designs when we have repeatedly seen them working so well elsewhere? We think not. We believe there’s a need for affordable, down-to-earth architectural services, and that’s exactly what Rejig provides.

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