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Loft conversion in Shefford.

After purchasing a newly built property in Shefford, our client felt that the master bedroom was not adequate for their needs. They envisaged a more spacious master suite, with a generous dressing room and a luxurious ensuite bathroom.


Given the constraints typical of new-build homes, extending outward was not viable, as it would have encroached upon the already limited outdoor space. So we instead turned our attention to the untapped potential of the loft.

To maximise the amount of usable floorspace and add character to the roof structure, we incorporated a large, double-gable dormer with apex glazing. Accompanied by strategically positioned roof lights, this flooded the space with natural light and provided each area with its own feature window.


Our client went for a sleek modern finish, flawlessly executed by one of our highly recommended builders and completed in late 2022.

Loft shefford - existing first floor plan.png
Loft Shefford - existing loft.png

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