I'm Abs, a Hitchin based Architectural Technician and the owner of Rejig Homes.

With qualifications in construction and computer-aided design and expertise in planning and building regulations, I have been producing technical drawings for civil and structural consultancies and architectural practices for over a decade.


I was in the freelance business for many years, with much of my work coming from architectural firms looking to outsource their technical drawing and planning services. Many of these projects were big budget and aimed to transform homes into bold architectural statements for clients with pockets deep enough to do so. But sprinkled among the extravagant were the more modest projects, for clients who wished to make simple home improvements using elegant, practical and proven designs.


Despite huge differences in design complexity and build cost, the projects all had one thing in common - no matter the scale, scope or budget, the proportion of the architectural fees were always the same. And that got me thinking. Is it worth sacrificing 10-20% of our budget on tried and tested designs when we have repeatedly seen them working so well elsewhere?


I think not.


I believe there is a need for affordable, down-to-earth architectural services.

And that’s exactly what Rejig provides.